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Monday, September 11, 2017

When Will McCutchen Hit No. 200?

Is the question Brian at Collecting Cutch is asking. Enter his contest here for a chance to win a sweet autograph of Hall of Famer Bob Gibson.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Maybe My Rarest Roy Campanella Card: 1950 R423 Red Back, Graded A PSA 4!

Today's post features what might be the rarest Roy Campanella card I own. It's certainly been the most difficult to acquire despite it not being the most expensive (from a book value or actual sales perspective) or the most desirable. I think I've encountered maybe 3 of these ever on eBay and when this one popped up I was determined to land it at just about any semi-reasonable cost.

Thankfully its acquisition proved much easier than I anticipated as I was the sole bidder and took it down for under $30 delivered already in its gorgeous PSA 4 home. It hails from the underrated 1950 R423 set which is chock full of Hall of Fame players like Ruth and DiMaggio and Mathewson. I hope to one day acquire a full strip of these miniature beauties.

These can be hard to find on eBay as Gypsy Oak has done a commemorative set and often they're listed online without back scans or a denotation that it's not an original. I've seen dozens and dozens of the reprint Campy but thankfully I can finally cross this need off of my list.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Collecting Cutch Moves My Matt Kemp PC Beyond The 500 Unique Card Mark!

Which, considering I've put very little effort into picking up Kemp cards over the last year plus or so, is actually somewhat impressive. I still love Matt and he'll always remain one of my favorites and I'll still love picking up new cards of his. However, as I've readjusted my collecting strategies I've really focused on just a couple of new players and picking up autos of them and completing as much of my Campy and Wheat PCs as I can.

This beauty is the 1/1 Black Prizm Parallel of The Bison out of 2013 Panini Select and the Select Team subset. The shot itself of Kemp is pretty cool but the warm-up attire, I could do without.

A couple of variant cards of Mattycakes are up next. Brian dubbed the first a "zombie" parallel which I think is quite fitting. The high five photo variation is simply fantastic. Matt was always extremely nice the few times I met him.

Collecting life is always better when Corey Seager makes an appearance. Tagging along were a couple of new additions to my Russ Martin PC.

Thank you as always for your generosity Brian! My eyes are always open for anything McCutchen or Morton for your collections!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Is It Still Prospecting When I Pick Up Julio Urias Cards At This Point?

What with Julio having been excellent to close out 2016 and all. He's hurt now but I expect he'll still end up being pretty great once he returns down the road from his season-ending shoulder surgery. He's still only 21 and I want to pick up a few nice PC pieces -- and potential flip pieces -- while prices on his cardboard are down after a dramatic drop from their pre-injury levels.

This is by far the nicest of the two cards I've landed since he was hurt. For roughly the price of a blaster, this beautiful 2017 Gypsy Queen Black and White Auto Parallel, numbered 85/99, already came in the spiffy BGS 9.5-10 AU holder. It's a great looking card to start and the signature being hard-signed is an added bonus.